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Covid Policy

Due to the current outbreak of Covid 19, we require all persons making a reservation with us to confirm that their group complies with the government guidelines on Meeting People from Outside your Household, as laid down in the following web site:-

Additionally, the lead person making the reservation is required to ensure anyone in the party with typical symptoms of Covid 19, ie high temperature, persistant dry cough or loss of taste or smell, does not travel on the day and that any quarantine requirements in force at the time have been fully complied with.

Clients are advised that a hand sanitiser station is located at the top of the pontoon and are requested to use this before boarding the boat.

Clients are also requested to maintain appropriate social distancing when making their way down to the boat, or using the facilities within the marina.

As the boat is not open to the general public and is used for private parties only, there is no requirement to wear a mask whilst traveling on board, although clients may use these if they wish.

Whilst much of the journey will effectively be in well ventilated, or outdoor areas, clients are further requested to maintain social distancing measures when interacting with the skipper and crew, particularly whilst in the interior of the boat.

Hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and wipes are available on board and clients are requested to use these as required and in particular to wipe down surfaces and clean hands after using the toilet facilities.

Finally, as surfaces on the boat will be fully cleaned after each cruise, we will require a minimum of three hours after any trip before commencing a new cruise

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