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Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, please see below for our list of frequently asked questions or use the buttons above to explore our site further. If you can't find what you are looking for please give us a call on

Isn't it expensive ?

We hope you won't think so. A two hour harbour cruise for 10 people starts from only £290, including additional passenger supplement. So prices can be as low as £29 per person.

I'm on a tight budget and unable to share the costs, do you have any special offers or deals?

Our aim is to provide a service that meets your requirements, so if you are on a tight budget let us know and if we have spare capacity, we will do our best to offer a package to suit you pocket.

Do you sail in any weather ?

For customer safety and comfort, the boat will not operate at sea where weather conditions are likely to jeopardise safety. Typically this will be where the forecast wind is significantly and consistently above Force 6, the sea state is rough, or there is fog within the area of operation. On these occasions we will either offer an alternative date or a full refund.

Will I lose out if the weather is disagreeable, although still safe to sail in ?

No. We appreciate that fine weather is an essential element for you to have a great day out. As one of our primary objectives is that you enjoy your trip, if the weather is inclement you can either pick an alternative date, subject to availability, or we will waive our cancellation fee and provide a refund. However, we would still need to charge for any actual purchases that may have been made on your behalf.

What is your definition of inclement weather ?

Broadly, this is either where temperatures are significantly below the seasonal average or there is persistent rain during the day.

Can I just turn up and go ?

No, we don't operate a turn up and go service, however, we appreciate that you may wish to make a booking at short notice, particularly if the weather is good. So we welcome short notice bookings and will always try and accommodate you, subject to availability.

Can we bring our own food and drink ?

Yes, we like to encourage a relaxed and informal atmosphere so you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. We have a small fridge on board for items that need to be kept cool and you can either eat inside or the table can be moved into the rear cockpit if the weather is good. We have plates, cutlery and plastic glasses and plentiful supplies of tea and coffee.

Can you arrange a buffet lunch on board ?

Yes, we recommend using the Chichester Marks & Spencer "Food to Order" service. We are happy to collect your selection on the day and have it ready on board for you when you arrive.

Do you do gift vouchers ?

No, we longer do gift vouchers but will continue to honour any in valid vouchers that may have been issued.

Can you organise a bespoke "celebration" package ?

Yes, we have already done this for a number of our clients. Just let us know your special requirements, eg champagne, decorations, special music, buffet lunch etc and we will arrange to have everything ready for you on your arrival.

Can you give me some background on your company ?

We are a small, family run company based in Watford and established in 2000. We have been developing the boat charter side of our business since the end of 2002. During that time we have run numerous trips and received many positive comments, which you can read on the customer feedback section of our web site. Our aim is to provide great value, create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and memorable day.


Is your boat licensed and insured ?

Yes, we operate our boat in accordance with the licensing conditions laid down by Chichester Harbour Conservancy. These state the standards for the boat, along with the safety and manning requirements for the area of operation and number of persons to be carried. Our boat undergoes a regular survey by a qualified marine surveyor and is fully insured for commercial use.

My question isn't answered here, or on your web site.

If we do not seem to offer a particular service you require or you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact us and we will be pleased to try and help you.

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